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About Us
About the Company
The Company was found by Mr. Tung-Yuen Chu in 1971 and has established a well-deserved reputation in the industry. We single-mindedly focus in our business to provide world-class packaging solutions to our customers in pharmaceutical and cosmetic disciplines. Our staff consists of experienced salesperson and technical support personnel who are passionate about our products and fully committed to customer satisfaction. We are well-versed in international packaging language and are knowledgeable in packaging material, process, compatibility, functions, fashion and regulations. We support the business with a wide range of floor stock and development capabilities. Besides packaging specialty, our Company has provided the infrastructure for pre/post sales support and warehouses at major cities in China in order to serve and support our customers locally, efficiently, and professionally.

The Company has celebrated our 40th Anniversary in 2013. A video was made to commemorate our late founder, Mr. Tung-Yuen CHU, who found this company in 1971.
Click here to view the video (Youtube) - English

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Our Associates
The Company has been the official agent and distributor of leading packaging manufacturers from around the world, which enable us to build on our unique expertise in this business and offer the best-in-class packaging solutions. Because of our mutual commitment to deliver product excellence, we consider our principals as essential business partners, not merely suppliers or vendors. We appreciate our principals’ long term commitment, partnership, vision and their leadership role in their own specialty.