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Infusion bottles

Type 1 infusion bottles are made of neutrual borosilicate glass with special formula, named Alsovex.   All the vials are produced in 100,000 (ISO 8) cleanroom, complied to ISO 15378, EP, USP and YBB.  Except ISO and DIN32 neck finish, SGD also can produce vials with neck finish of S28, S29 and Scandinavian standrard.  Light weight model is available for some items.

Infusion bottles
Norminal capacity Glass Type Article Number Neck finish Color
50 ml Type I, II, III GSGIF050 ISO32  clear, amber
70 ml Type I, II GSGIF070 DIN32 clear
100 ml Type I, II, III GSGIF100 ISO32  clear, amber
125 ml Type I, II GSGIF125 ISO32  clear, amber
250 ml Type I, II GSGIF250 ISO32  clear, amber
500 ml Type I, II GSGIF500 DIN32  clear, amber
1000 ml Type I, II GSGIF1000 DIN32  clear