Article No.:
U Save vials

The unique inside concave U shape of vials with heavy bottom is designed to ensure the drug product will be used up to its last drop. The inner shape is created by a plunger so that the inner height can be measured against the specific diptube length of a sprayer. Usave is made by a special production technique that few other competitors can match.

U Save vials
Norminal capacity Glass Type Article Number Neck finish Color
1ml Type I GSGU001 GCMI18-415, PH18 clear, amber
3 ml Type I GSGU003 GCMI18-415 clear, amber
3.5 ml Type I GSGU0035 PH18, S20, FEA20 clear, amber
5 ml Type I GSGU005 GCMI18-415 clear, amber
6 ml Type I GSGU006 FEA20 clear, amber
10ml Type I GSGU010 FEA20 clear, amber
15ml Type I GSGU015 FEA20 clear, amber