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Syrup bottles

Syrup bottles are produced in Class 100,000 cleanroom and can be filled with oral drug directly without washing.   The volumes of bottles range from 30 ml to 1,000 ml.   The amber glass meets EP, USP and YBB standard for light transmission to effectively shield UV.    Different closure systems are also available to fit the syrup bottles upon request.

Syrup bottles
Norminal capacity Glass Type Article Number Neck finish Color
15 ml Type III GSGS015 PP28 clear, amber
20 ml Type III GSGS020 PP22 amber
25 ml Type III GSGS025 PH20 clear
30 ml Type III GSGS030 PP25, PP28 clear, amber
45 ml Type III GSGS045 PP25, PP28 clear, amber
60 ml Type III GSGS060 PP25, PP28, PP36 clear, amber
75 ml Type III GSGS075 PP28 clear, amber
90 ml Type III GSGS090 PP28 clear, amber
100 ml Type III GSGS100 PP25, PP28 clear, amber
120 ml Type III GSGS120 PH40, PP28 clear, amber
125 ml Type III GSGS125 PP25, PP28 clear, amber
150 ml Type III GSGS150 PP28 clear, amber
180 ml Type III GSGS180 PP28 clear, amber
200 ml Type III GSGS200 PP28 clear, amber
225 ml Type III GSGS225 PP28 clear, amber
250 ml Type III GSGS250 PP28 clear, amber
300 ml Type III GSGS300 PP28 clear, amber
500 ml Type III GSGS500 PP28 clear, amber
1000 ml Type III GSGS1000 PP28 clear, amber