Article No.:
Dropper bottles

Unison in DIN18 necks in a wide size range, it minimizes customer keeping stock. The bottles are made of amber Type III glass that conforms to USP, EP for light transmission to shield off UV light. Neck finished is precisely made for hermetic seal with proper caps. Dropper bottles are perfect packaging for flavor and fragrance, aromatherapy products.  The bottles are made in Class 100,000 cleanroom, packed in strong shrink wrap packs. The bottles are ready-to-fill for oral preparation. 

Dropper bottles
Norminal capacity Glass Type Article Number Neck Finish Color Cleanliness Packing
3ml Type III GSGIJ003A DIN18 Amber Class 8 108
5ml Type III GSGD005A DIN18 Amber Class 8 248
10ml Type III GSGD010A DIN18 Amber Class 8 195
15ml Type III GSGD015A DIN18 Amber Class 8 233
20ml Type III GSGD020A DIN18 Amber Class 8 195
30ml Type III GSGD030A DIN18 Amber Class 8 98
50ml Type III GSGD050A DIN18 Amber Class 8 105
50ml Type III GSGD050B PH18 Blue Class 8 108
100ml Type III GSGD100A DIN18 Amber Class 8 68
100ml Type III GSGD100B PH18 Blue Class 8 48