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Tablet bottles

Glass bottles are made in Type III amber glass, specifically made for solid preparations: tablets, capsules, granulate, etc.  They are available in two systems. Bottles with snap-on necks used with closures with tear-off bands; the second one is screw neck bottle that will work with all kinds of screw caps, plastic or metal closures.  We carry stock for a good range of sizes.

Tablet Bottles
Tablet Bottles
Norminal capacity Glass Type Article Number Neck Finish Color Height (mm) Dia (mm) Packing
30ml Type III GTHT030A G31.5 amber 60.3 38 300
60ml Type III GTHT060A G38 amber 69.8 43.9 243
100ml Type III GTHT100A G38 amber 79 53 60
125ml Type III GTHT125A G38 amber 87 56.5 98
75ml Type III GTHT075ASS 38/400 Amber 82.5 45.3 192
100ml Type III GTHT100ASS 38/400 Amber 87.5 50.1 192
120ml Type III GTHT120ASS 38/400 Amber 95 52.8 120
150ml Type III GTHT150ASS 38/400 Amber 100 56 180
200ml Type III GTHT200ASS 38/400 Amber 109.5 61.4 72