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Finger sprayers

Finger sprayer is a conventional atomizer, thanks to the pre-compression sprayer engine; the liquid product can be broken down to a fine mist by priming lightly with a finger. We offer a wide selection of finger sprayers for different output, spray angles, sprayer patterns, closure sizes, etc.  Viscous product or oil products used to post challenge for sprayer will also find solutions with us.  Spray output ranges from 0.14 ~ 0.3ml.  

Finger Sprayers
Sprayer Type Article Number Output Nozzle  Closure Size Color Accessories
Fine Mist Sprayer ACAFM020 0.14ml medium 20/410 fine ribbed white Round hood
Fine Mist Sprayer ACAFM022 0.14ml medium 22/415 fine ribbed white Round hood
Fine Mist Sprayer ACAFM024 0.14ml medium 24/410 fine ribbed white Round hood