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Cosmetic sprayers

Cosmetic dispensers are small in output: 0.17ml ~ 0.25ml for serum, eye gel and 0.35ml ~ 0.5ml for face lotion. By the pure path design, cosmetic product will not come in contact with any metal part when dispensing. Airless system prevents air get into the container by venting and is able to dispense viscous liquid. 

Cosmetic sprayers
Sprayer Type Article Number Output Color Closure Size Accessories
Pure path ACALP020AR 0.17ml, 0.25ml white 20/410  
Fine Mist ACAFM020W 0.14ml white 20/410 Round hood
Mini trigger ACAMT020 0.14ml white 20/410  
Cosmetic ACILP05BSNF 0.13ml white, black E5, 20/410 Square hood