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Trigger sprayers

Trigger sprayers used for window or kitchen cleaner has superior features and proven reliability. Various trigger lines offer unique look and profile, low actuation force with wide array of nozzle designs to give different output, spray pattern, foam character, spray angles, etc.  Output ranges from 0.7ml to 1.6ml. There is also power-driven trigger with hose extension for high output or continuous spray used in gardening and autocare applications.  

Trigger sprayers
Trigger type Output (ml) Closures Spray Pattern Trigger
TS-800 0.65, 0.90, 1.3 28-400, 28-400 ABO, 28-400 NR, 28-410, 28-414  spray, stream, foam standard, bi-color, 3-finger extended
Mixor 1.0, 1.3, 1.6 28-400, 28-400 ABO, 28-400 NR, 28-410 ABO spray, stream, foam standard
Magnum 1.4 28-400, 28-410 spray, stream, foam standard