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Nasal sprayer

Sprayers for pharma use are designed to meet the highest pharmaceutical requirement in all aspects, from the choice of raw material, the process environment and the design of the sprayer engines to the options for adaptors and accessories.  Many sprayers are meter-dosed delivery product, tight control in output and spray pattern.  Customers will find the sprayer that meets their specific applications.

Nasal Sprayer
Nasal Sprayer
Sprayer Type Nasal Application Oral application Topical Application Output (M/A) Closures (M/A)
Mark II (M) 2-piece round Throat adapter short Spray head 16mm 0.10ml (M/A) Ferrule 20 mm (M/A)
AccuPump (A) 2-piece square Throat adapter medium Dispensing hesd 0.12ml (M) GL18 (M/A)
  3-piece round Throat adapter medium+protection Spray head with caillary tube 0.15ml (M) GL 18 Short (M/A)
  3-piece square Throat adapter long   0.16ml (M) GL20 (M/A)
  3-piece oval Throat adapter long with wings   0.18ml (M) GPI 18-410 (M)
  Mini  Throat adapter long articulated   0.09ml (A) GPI 18-415 (M/A)
  Elegant     0.13ml (A) GPI 20-400 (M)
  Shround 20     0.14ml (A) GPI 22-415 (M)
          GPI 24-410 MSA (M)
          23x3 USD (M)
          Snap on S20 (M/A)
          Snap on GS20 (M)
          Snap on GS30 (M)
          Snap on GS31 (M)
          Snap on 1" Al Mg (M)
          Snap on 1" plastic (M)
          GPI18-400 (A)