Article No.:
Caps for bottles

We have a wide range of caps chosen to fit specific bottles in narrow necks ( < 28mm for liquid products) or in wide necks ( > 33mm for solid products). They are tested on their physical fitness; sometimes we offer customer a choice of material, features, components and other accessories. The customer must test for the compatibility between the cap and the products.

Caps for bottles
Article No. Neck size Material Color Glass to fit Components
QDYSS1201 DIN14 PP white, red, black tubular vial_testing agent Septa
CSGCC18B/W DIN18 PP White, black Dropper bottles5ml, 10ml, 15ml, 20ml, 30ml, 50ml, 100ml) Inner seal ring
CSGSS28WRO PP28 PP cone cap White orange ring Syrup bottles (from 30ml ~ 500ml) Seal cone
CMMJC315W G31.5 PE/PP white Tablet bottles 30ml Snap on/ tear-off
CMMJC38W G38 PE/PP white Tablet bottles 60ml, 100ml Snap on/ tear-off
CTGSS38W 38/400 PP white Tablet bottles 75ml Screw on
CTHCR38W 38/400 PP white Tablet bottles 75ml Screw on
CXXSS38MS 38/400 PP metalized glossy silver Tablet bottles 75ml Screw on