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Dropper pipettes

Dropper pipettes consist of 3 parts:  a silicon teat, a cap and a glass pipette. Our dropper pipettes are made to fit certain container so that the fitness between the packaging components and its own parts are tested and proven.  The drawn volume is 0.4ml and 0.7ml.  Color and hardness, even material of the teat can be changed when achieve an MOQ,  We have plastic closures for DIN18 neck with tamper-evident rings, which are molded separately from the cap body to achieve optimal closing and clean break-off at opening. We offer closures in aluminum cover, which can give wide array of color shades and textures by anodization.  Glass pipettes are made of low borosilicate glass with different tip ends and graduation. Glass pipettes are cut to size to fit the designated containers.

Dropper pipettes
Dropper pipettes
Dropper pipettes
Dropper Type Neck Standard Article Number Material     Color Suction Volume Pipette Length Bottles to Fit
      Teat Cap Pipette        
Alu-shroud 20/410 QDYPP1005 silicon Al/ pe glass Metallic 0.4ml 75.4mm 30ml lotion bottles
Alu-shroud E5 QDYPP0902 silicon Al/ pe glass Metallic 0.4ml 70.0mm 30ml lotion bottles
Plastic shroud DIN18 QDYPP1002F silicon PP glass Black 0.45ml 10ml =>50.8mm Dropper Bottles
                20ml =>63.8mm  
                30ml =>71.3mm  
                50ml =>80.3mm  
                100ml =>101.3mm