Article No.:

Lid is a part in a package, when we design a lid, it comes with a closure system meant to fit a specific bottle neck. The lids we designed for Penelope Jars series are made from LDPE, there is a pull tab at an angle to enable consumers easily pull off the lid and place it back to the glass rim after use.  The lids come in different sizes, and are packed independently from the caps. 

Lids Size: diameter Material  Article Number Color Neck Finish Bottles to Fit
40mm HDPE CDYLD1206W40 Ivory white 40/400 15ml Clear glass jar
51mm HDPE CDYLD1206W51 Ivory white 51/400 30ml Clear glass jar
58mm HDPE CDYLD1206W58 Ivory white 58/400 50ml clear glass jar