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Services & Development
Services & Development
Services and development support is what make our business distinctive from a mere trading business, we focus on our customers’ need not just for a product but the matrix of the quality assurance system behind it, the services they need for sustainable use of the product, including development of new specification, handling of complaints. We can assist the customers to obtain documentation for regulatory clearance. We work with customers for projects for product enhancement or customization.
01. Certificates & Regulatory Support
We provide essential certificates and documentation from our principals relate to our products, raw material, process validation, industrial standards, etc.
  • ISO Certificates on Management, Quality, Environment, Risks, Society, etc.
  • Letter of authorization to FDA on the use of DMF file
  • CFDA licenses on primary packaging
  • Specifications, industry or international standards
  • Other documentation support to meet regulatory requirement
02. Technical Support
Technical support is available in many forms as part of the sales services such as specification development, product or process validation, on-site visit by our technical staff, technical seminars and laboratory support.
03. Services
We can customize a standard off-the-shelf product through enhancement techniques to render a final product best suit to your specific objective. For example, vials receive hot or cold end treatment will become more resistance to abrasion, thus reduce breakage on line. Same will do to enhance the products’ neutrality, strength, and wetting properties. We also offer packaging design ideas to enrich the aesthetics and complete the final product experience.
  • Type II treatment
  • Cold and hot treat surface treatment
  • Siliconisation
  • Plastic coating
  • ETO sterilization/ gamma radiation
  • Decoration: acid etching, lacquering, silk screen printing, hot stamping
CFDA Licenses
Sterilized vials
Plastic Coated vials